Sofrito y Su Melao’s Interactive and Educational Enrichment Offerings

Providing musical opportunities to all ages since 2012!

Our partners include:

Austin Independent School District, Mindpop, Creative Action, Austin Parks and Recreation Department, the Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center, and the Greater Austin YMCA.

Contact us at (805) 807-2738 or [email protected] for rates and availability!

  1. An Interactive Performance with Historical and Cultural Information about the music we play from Cuba and the Caribbean!
  2. An immersive and interactive performance with workshops showcasing a Cuban folktale. We typically provide a performance as an introduction, followed by workshops that familiarize the students with the folktale, teach rhythms, and songs that we will integrate into a final performance. The culmination performance includes a reading of the folktale along with interactive rhythms and songs that the students play with the band!
  3. A hands-on, interactive performance-workshop that focuses on several musical styles from Cuba and the Caribbean and their corresponding cultural origins. We learn songs to sing, dance steps such as the Chachachá, and we have percussion stations set up in front of the band for participants to play and be a part of the band!

“All Rhythms was an amazing experience for our school! We needed their energy to bring us together and realize we can learn AND have fun as a community.”

-Daniela W, Overton Elementary

“All Rhythms was a great performance for our students to take part in. Their lively music had our students clapping and dancing along. We loved that the students got to participate by playing instruments! It was a great show!!”


“I had the pleasure of hosting All Rhythms at my school for grades PreK-5th. This group is filled with amazing musicians that exude their love of music through their performance. The energy level was great and the interactive rhythm clapping with the kids was so fun! Everyone in the cafeteria had a great time and the kids were exposed to variety of different Latin music from different regions! I would highly recommend All Rhythms to any school looking for a great music program to bring in for their kids!” 

-Leslie R. @ Menchaca Elementary

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